Zhang Ziyi named wealthiest Chinese actress: Here's how much she earns

24 August 2013 / 3 years 2 months ago

Source: AsiaOne Plush

Chinese starlet Zhang Ziyi was recently named the wealthiest actress in Greater China, beating veteran actresses Maggie Cheung and Gong Li with her annual income of 120 million yuan (S$24 million).

The ranking published by Taiwanese media Hunan TV in August pitted the earnings of actresses from Hong Kong, mainland China and Taiwan based on income generated from advertisements, music records, films and media appearances.

According to a report on Chinese site ThinkingChinese.com, it was speculated that Zhang Ziyi was paid around 20 million yuan (S$4 million) for her role in 2012's Chinese-Korean film adaptation of French literature 'Dangerous Liaisons'. This year, she also appeared in award-winning director Wong Kar Wai's hit movie 'The Grandmaster' as the legendary Kung Fu master Wing Chun's daughter.

Youngest on the list is Hong Kong model-actress and mother of two, Cecilia Cheung. Appearing alongside Zhang Ziyi in 'Dangerous Liaisons', the actress was said to have been paid around 16 million yuan (S$3.4 million) in the 100 million yuan production. She took the fifth spot with her earnings of 75 million yuan (S$15.7 million).

Meanwhile, Carina Lau's income from her property investments seated her at fourth spot with 90 million yuan (S$18.9 million) and first-time director Vicki Zhao earned the sixth spot with 56 million yuan of annual income.

Absent from the rankings is media darling Fan Bingbing. Despite being seen at luxury brands' openings and Cannes Film Festival red carpets, the Chinese actress has surprised many by not appearing in this top 10 richest list, reported media site Jaynestars.com.

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