Zhang Ziyi gives snappy reply about getting married soon -- after BF chickened out of proposal

27 November 2014 / 1 year 11 months ago

Eugene Qwek
Wednesday, Nov 26, 2014

Wow, talk about passive-aggressive passion. Witness Zhang Ziyi’s priceless reply to a gung ho Guangdong reporter’s query on her marital state of affairs: “Should be soon, I'm no longer young.”

Now if that’s not a veiled threat to future would-be hubbies, we don’t know what is. That terse rejoinder – one can only imagine Ziyi’s cold, clipped tones icing up the press room – comes after a most mortifying ordeal earlier this year.

Need a refresher? Chinese pop culture pundits will recall how Ziyi’s rocker boyfriend Wang Feng more or less chickened out of a hugely hyped post-concert proposal (on Chinese Valentine’s Day, no less).

The fallout was farcical, to say the least. The absolute killer? Letv.com, a Chinese live-streaming site that was all set to beam Wang Feng on bended knee to millions of viewers, even blasted out a breathless “pre-event” press release trumpeting the “live” proposal, according to ever-reliable Hong Kong gossip rag Apple Daily.

In any case, the most recent “marriage should be soon” revelation by Ziyi was made at a promo junket for her upcoming period drama film The Crossing, in which the 35-year-old plays an aging street hustler who falls in love with a soldier.

Not jinxing it or anything, but fingers crossed and good luck, Zhang Ziyi, perpetual star-on-the-brink-of-superstardom. May your marriage maneuvers work out better than your attempts at breaking into Hollywood.

Oh, yeah, and Wang Feng, the ball (and rock; it better be a massive whopper of a ring) is in your court, again. Don’t drop it this time!

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