Zhang Ziyi and Wang Feng buy couples’ jewelry in Las Vegas

19 October 2013 / 3 years 3 days ago

Mainland Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi and rock musician Wang Feng, who were recently spotted on a date in Los Angeles, are continuing their romantic getaway in Las Vegas.

An inside source claimed that she saw them purchasing couples’ jewelry, thus adding weight to the rumors that the two had abandoned their previous partners to be together.

The informant, who went only by the name “Mrs. Cai,” shared that her friend, an employee at a boutique in Las Vegas, was preparing to close up shop for the day when Ziyi and Wang Feng entered the store together.

Upon seeing that the employee was Asian, however, they quickly left, perhaps out of fear that they would be recognized and followed, reports Jayne Stars. 

The day after that, however, the same friend witnessed Ziyi and Wang Feng at the CityCenter Las Vegas shopping mall, where they bought couples’ jewelry.

Although the lovers have not officially confirmed their relationship, their trip to Sin City and purchase of matching jewelry align with the rampant rumors that they have become an item.

According to Chinese media reports, Ziyi split up with her previous boyfriend, television show host Sa Beining in July.

This happened to be the same month that she and Wang Feng attended an Eason Chan concert together.

At the end of the month, they also made a trip to Los Angeles together, when Ziyi was promoting her film, The Grandmaster.

During this time, many assumed that Wang Feng was still a married man.

However, on September 13, two weeks after he and Ziyi were discovered staying at the same hotel, he revealed on Sina Weibo that he had divorced his second wife, Kang Zuoru, leaving him free to pursue Ziyi.

Many media outlets suspect that both Wang Feng and Ziyi had cheated on their respective partners in order to be together.

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