Yoyo Mung's scared her cats "won't listen" to her if she has kids

8 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

Yoyo Mung may have a lot of time on her hands after leaving TVB but she is hesitant about having kids as she is afraid her cats will stop listening to her.In an interview on NowTV's 'Vinci Code' programme, she was asked about whether she has plans of starting a family with Ekin Cheng, to which she replied: "Still thinking. The most important factor about this is about finding a school."Currently, there are three cats in the house to play with me. I'm scared that after having children, they won't listen to me", reported TVB News World.In an earlier interview, she was quoted as saying that the mere thought of having babies is enough to give her "a nightmare".She also praised Linda Chunng for her acting after watching "Office of Practical Jokes".Mung said, "After watching Linda's acting, it was so unexpected. Her expressions of fear were very real. Afterwards, she said that she have three hamsters; I could tell how realistic her acting is from that."I really wanted to text her to tell her how great she was."

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