You've seen Jay Chou's 3 beautiful weddings -- but someone's not very happy

11 March 2015 / 1 year 7 months ago

This year, Jay Chou held three weddings in England, Taipei and Australia.

For his Taipei wedding in February, Jay invited veterans from showbiz like Chang Hsiao-yen, Jody Chiang and Chang Fei, but his mentor, Jacky Wu, was not invited to any of the weddings, reports Asian Pop News.

At first, Jacky said it was "okay" if he was not invited as he could "save some money". When he was told of Jay's third wedding in Australia, he however hinted that Jay was being ungrateful.

Jacky first discovered Jay's talent in 1997 and signed him as a singer under his company.

In 2001, Jacky sold off his recording company as well as Jay after a failed investment.

Reports also said their mentor-mentee relationship became estranged after Jacky confirmed that Jay was dating Jolin in 2005, after he was caught dating Patty Hou. Jay was then criticised as being a two-timer.

During a studio recording recently, Jacky revealed that he had initally wrote a letter to Jay and wished to post it on Facebook.

But he said: "I think let's forget about it. The matter will be blown up."

He added: "When you've reached a certain age, you will known how to thank those people. It's important to be grateful." 

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