Your jaw will drop when you see how Thailand's Miss Universe 1965 hasn't aged -- in 50 years

19 October 2014 / 2 years 6 days ago

In 1965, pageant queen Apasra Hongsakula became Thailand’s first ever Miss Universe winner. Since those days, she’s stayed out of the spotlight.

When a photo the lovely and graceful spread online this week, everyone did a complete double-take, reports Coconuts Bangkok.

She made headlines and waves online for her baby face, including a rumour that she went through a THB2.5 million (about S$98k) anti-ageing course.

Apsara sure doesn’t look much different than when she won the second winner from Asia to win the international pageant in 1965.

Apsara's manager denied the rumours of bizarre, expensive rejuvenation therapies on Morning News, claiming she only changed her hair from wavy to straight, which made her look younger.

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