Younha wants to change this... but not even plastic surgery can help

24 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

Popular Korean singer Younha wishes she were taller -- something even plastic surgery cannot help her with.

Outside of Korea, the petite singer is best known for her song Houki Boushi, a tune made popular by Japanese anime series Bleach.

In a recent interview, Younha was asked if she had ever felt jealous towards the members of girl groups.

She answered, "I am close to the girl group Nine Muses, but they are so tall and skinny. They are really pretty."

She added,  "as a woman, you become ambitious when it comes to beauty. You can't even do plastic surgery for your height, so I am really envious when it comes to that." 

"Even your back would look pretty if you were tall", she said.

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