You'll wish you were Wong Cho Nam after seeing who his co-stars are

30 April 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

Wong Cho Nam is lucky to be between the cute Ivana Wong Yuen Chi as his girlfriend and Mainland actress Daniella Wang Lidan -- who has a 32G bust -- in his new film DELETE MY LOVE.

With his super powers in the film, Wong Cho Nam could "delete" anything that he disliked. In the end, he even deleted his girlfriend Ivana, turning her into the curvy Daniella. 

Both Ivana and Daniella wore wedding gowns for the shoot. Daniella displayed her ample bosom and her four inch career line was invincible. However, Ivana paled in comparison.

When asked what his girlfriend Leanne Li Yanan needed to 'delete', Wong said, "Nothing, she is already very perfect. I think she would want to delete mine."

Who was better between Ivana and Daniella? He replied, "Both are pretty in their own way, and Ivana is cute enough." 

According to Hktopten, Ivana earlier revealed that during the DELETE shoot, she learned a lot that she could use for her series production.

Wong Cho Nam said, "Sister Chi is just being humble. She used her a natural method to perform. I really like her performance method. Later when I saw her at TVB, he would hug her, praised her talent. She really performed very well."

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