You'll want to have a face like Kim Tae Hee's

16 November 2013 / 2 years 11 months ago

On November 12, MBC's 'Good Day' had a physiognomy expert, Cho Kyu Moon, on the show to choose the star with the face that suggested the person would have the best luck in life. According to a report on allkpop, the expert chose Kim Tae Hee and explained why.

Cho Kyu Moon said, "Kim Tae Hee's facial proportions are the golden ratio. Her forehead is nice, thick, and radiant. In physiognomy, the forehead suggests the fortune in the early years; until her thirties, she has good luck in relation to parents and work. Her eyebrows, eyes, and nose are straight, so she has good fortune in relation to wealth."

The expert continued, "The black and white of her eyes are clear, and her baby fat is nice and thick. Her upper and lower lips are also nice and thick and the corners of her mouth go upwards; this physiognomy suggests she has good luck... Of course, these thoughts can differ depending on the physiognomy scholar."

Quick! Based on these traits, it's time to visit the mirror to see what kind of luck your face may suggest. As for Kim Tae Hee, most would agree her face looks good regardless of what physiognomy experts may say.

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