You'll probably never see these K-pop stars wear miniskirts again

4 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

A controversial new law on “overexposure‘ has been passed in South Korea recently, which probably translates into no micro minis for fashionable K-pop stars.According to an article in Drama Fever, the law which went into effect on March 22, imposes a 50,000 KRW (US$45) fine on those found guilty of “excessive‘ public exposure.The internet has been abuzz with commotion, with many celebrities taking to social media to voice their dismay. “Is the overexposure fine for real? I’m so dead,‘ tweeted Lee Hyori, to which actress Park Jin Hee responded incredulously, “A fine?? Really?????!!!!! @_@;;;;‘Other netizens have wondered if they could still wear swimwear, and still others wonder if police will begin to carry rulers.The gallery features K-pop stars in micro mini skits and shorts, posing during winter, as well as other stars in sexy clothing.

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