You'll never guess what Super Junior members do before every live concert

7 July 2013 / 3 years 3 months ago

South Korean pop group Super Junior are known for their energetic live performances. So what type of rituals do the members of the all-men band do to psych themselves up before a concert?At a press conference on Saturday before their Super Show 5 at the Indoor Stadium, member Shindong, 28, revealed a particular quirk of his colleague Donghae, 27: "He always has to brush his teeth before the show, and it's always a brand new toothbrush. It has to be brand new."As the group burst out laughing, another member Eun Hyuk, 27, added that the group actually just does what most other bands do: "We do our special group cheer and then we also pray for the show to be successful. That's it."Physically, he said, the shows do get taxing at times - but it helps that the group regularly work out."We like going to the gym, and even when we are overseas, we will play basketball and soccer to ensure that we are in the best condition to put on the best performances."The group were in town for the fifth installment of their world tour.Photos: Zinkie AwFor more photos from the concert, view the gallery below.

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