You'll never guess what million-dollar gift Angelababy got from BF for her birthday

2 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

The popular Korean drama My Love From the Star's finale aired two nights ago, and it seems like Angelababy and her boyfriend Huang Xiao Ming had a reality show "sequel" yesterday on Angelababy's 25th birthday.

Huang was like the real life version of Star's male lead 'Do Min Joon'.

Although Huang doesn't have the super powers like Do Min Joon does, his super ability to please his girlfriend was not inferior at all.

He drove a HK$2 million Lamborghini along with a 99-stalk rose bouquet as a birthday surprise to Angelababy, reports via Oriental Daily.

Angelababy was reportedly touched to tears by the surprise.

It was understood that Huang was in Taiwan shooting a new commercial and told his girlfriend he wouldn't make it back in time to celebrate her birthday, but actually had already planned the whole surprise.

He teamed up with Angelababy's manager (Kim), colleagues and friends to throw a surprise birthday party.

Later that afternoon at 4pm, Huang and Baby walked out from a restaurant hand-in-hand, the two generously allowed reporters to take pictures.

As there were vigorous camera flashes from all around, Huang held onto Baby tightly and protected her. Reporters bombarded the couple with many questions such as "Are you already married?" and "Are you happy with the sports car gift?"

Baby just smiled sweetly and answered: "I'm very happy!" Then the couple walked to their new car and drove off. 

View snapshots of Angelababy's surprise present and party in the gallery below.

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