You'll never guess the famous mother of this adorable 6-year-old girl

25 September 2014 / 2 years 1 month ago

Jennifer Lopez, who recently performed at Singapore's F1 Grand Prix, has got fans raving once again, but this time, the attention is not on the Latina diva herself. 

Rarely seen in the lime light, the 45-year-old star posted a photo of her six-year-old daughter on Instagram, stating how Emme took a selfie of herself with her phone while she was sleeping. 

The adorable Emme was seen imitating her mother's previous picture taken a few days ago, which showed her decked out in a luxurious fur coat and gold-rimmed sunglasses. 

Fans and followers on Jennifer's Instagram can't stop raving how little Emme looks so gorgeous and how alike mother and daughter are. 

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