You'll never believe what subject this pretty volleyball player is set to take in school

22 December 2014 / 1 year 10 months ago

The 27-year-old Spanish beauty managed to persuade her teammates to give her regular leave so she can study for a masters.She will travel to the capital Madrid to satisfy her need for studying.A sexology class taken in her younger years sparked her interest into human sexual interest and behaviours.

She said: "I studied it during my Erasmus year, and my teacher was really good and the classes were very enjoyable."But the poor man died halfway through the course unexpectedly, and it left everybody very sad. But it also made me determined to expand my studies and now I am doing a masters."

But she had to find the time around her sporting career as well as part time modelling jobs.The stunning brunette started playing volleyball at 11, and progressed to the national team by 15, reported Asiantown.

She has played at clubs across the country, including Barcelona, and currently resides in the Spanish northern province of La Rioja.She now plays for Haro, who she says are slowly but surely climbing the league tables.

Sarmiento said her teammates were surprised to find that she was studying sexology.She said: "It did surprise a lot of people. But I really like the subject, and I'm glad that I can mix my love of volleyball with my passion for studying."

Take a look at the gallery below to see more images of the pretty volleyball player.

Images 1 to 5 show the Spanish athlete while the rest of the gallery shows another volleyball player from kazakhstan also made headlines in the past.

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