You'll never believe how gorgeous these Korean celebs' siblings are

17 August 2014 / 2 years 2 months ago

Sometimes you come across sibling pairings where one looks nothing like the other, and you have to ask over and over again, “No seriously, are you guys really related?”

To put it less nicely, said, you sometimes come across siblings where one looks like he or she grabbed two fistfuls from the good gene pool and left nothing for the other sibling #selfish.

Well that doesn”t apply for the following sibling pairings because, as it turns out, good genes do run in their families.

These siblings of celebrities aren”t celebrities themselves, but they”ll have us fooled with their good looks.

Though they could easily enter the entertainment field based on their appearances, these celebrities” siblings are mostly students or have careers of their own (meaning celebrities” siblings such as Nichkhun”s Cherreen, a TV actress, are not included).

Here are 10 stunning celebrities and their equally stunning non-celebrity siblings.

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