What Edison Chen has to say about breakup with Ann Hong

2 February 2015 / 1 year 8 months ago

After taking a hiatus from his acting career since his nude photo scandal in 2008, Edison Chen is formally making a comeback in the short film, Waiting.

Attending a promotional event with costar, Venus Wong today, Edison expressed that although he was always interested in acting, he unfortunately had not come upon a good script until now.

Although the film had many passionate scenes, Edison disclosed that he dislikes emotional scenes because he can only truly express affection towards his girlfriend, reports ihktv.

When probed about his recent breakup with his former employee, Ann Hong (洪文安), Edison directly admitted, “Ann and I both felt the need to focus on ourselves. For the past two years, we only focused on dating.

"We felt that we needed to work hard for own futures. Hopefully, we will have another shot at love together in the future.” Since the couple reportedly had reached a stage of marriage, reporters asked whether Edison felt regret.

Edison clarified, “Only [the media] said we were at the stage of discussing marriage. We never discussed the matter. We were happy together, and that’s all that matters.”

Due to earlier reports claiming that the couple broke up due to Edison’s involvement with another woman, he adamantly denied the rumors, “Actually, our personal relationship had areas of difficulties.

"In my world, there is no cheating. It is just a matter of different perspectives. The Ashley you guys are talking about is not my new girlfriend. She is my friend’s girlfriend.

"The three of us often hang out together. As long as Ann and I know the real reason [for our breakup], then it is okay.” With Valentine’s Day approaching, Edison intends to travel to the United States to watch the NBA games.

Fresh out of a long-term relationship, Edison currently has no plans for dating at the moment.

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