You'll be surprised to know what's in the suitcases of Ah Boys to Men stars

2 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

The stars of his hit movie, Ah Boys To Men, have become jet-setters, thanks to their promotional tours.

Earlier this month, they took to the seas for the Ah Boys To Men cruise as part of Genting HK's 20th anniversary celebration.

Noah Yap, 20, Tosh Zhang, 23, Charlie Goh, 25, Aizuddin Nasser, 23, and Maxi Lim, 26, had a blast cruising with their fans on luxury liner SuperStar Virgo.

The ship docked near Redang Island, where the boys disembarked and played games on the beach with them.

Neo, 53, told The New Paper:

"We have been travelling around so much and the people in all these different countries love the boys."

But he said:

"I would just like to ask young Singapore fans to support us on these official trips and not fly overseas on their own during our movie promotional tours to wait for us outside our hotels.

"Safety comes first and we get very worried for them when they do that.

"Neo recounted how the whole group was shocked earlier this year when young female fans aged 13 and 14 had taken the bus on their own to Genting Highlands to wait for them.

In Taiwan, they were once again taken aback when more fans were waiting for them outside their hotel.

Said Neo:

"That being said, the next goal is to make it to Finland. I really hope to take my family and all the Ah Boys there.

"For the, recent three-day, two-night cruise, all the boys had packed light."

When asked them they had in their luggage that people would be surprised to find, the boys said: Lim said:

"Colourful underwear?"

Goh said he had brought lots of sunblock, Yap had a blazer stashed somewhere to look "formal" should the need arise, while Neo joked that he had hidden his dentures in his baggage.

Neo said he had his arthritis medicine in his bag as he's been suffering from this condition for the past 20 years.

Said Zhang:

"If you open my luggage, you will find a bottle of alcohol. It's a cruise and I came here to relax. We can party and have that."

Nasser said suggestively to loud laughter from the rest of the boys:

"I brought some toys. It's not a teddy bear. That, and also a waistband because I want to get in shape."

Yap said:

"If you open my luggage, you'll find a copy of The New Paper!"

On a more serious note, Goh said:

"Travelling as a celebrity is enjoyable because you don't have to pay for anything."

However, you need to work, so there are pros and cons."

Source: The New Paper, AsiaOne

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