You'll be shocked at which body part Joo Sang Wook grabbed when working with Han Ye Seul

26 November 2014 / 1 year 11 months ago

Source: oh!kpop

During the press conference for the SBS weekend drama 'Birth of a Beauty' on November 21, Han Ye Seul addressed the scene in which Joo Sang Wook had to touch her chest.

She said:  "We are actors whether we're reading the drama script or filming, so rather than thinking about how embarrassing it is, I thought, 'How can I make this scene fun to the viewers?' and 'How can I express the fact that my character Sear used to be an ahjumma?'"

Han Ye Seul continued, "My first thought is the line 'I think my breast silicone implants burst. I need emergency care' instead of thinking 'A man is [touching] my chest.'

"She looks like a beauty, but I portrayed her like a bizarre ahjumma. I was not disconcerted or embarrassed while filming. We filmed the scene without any NGs, but I think people could view it in an embarrassing or provocative way depending on their age."

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