You'll be shocked at Sharon Chan's age after seeing her in this outfit

11 December 2014 / 1 year 10 months ago

Sharon Chan is even sexier after marriage. The 35-year-old recently married her boyfriend of ten years, William Lui, at a destination wedding in Bali in October.

However, Sharon showed no signs of slowing down her career to become a housewife. She is now even bolder and sexier than before, reports Popular Asians

New photos of Sharon endorsing a slimming ad were released online, showing her in a sexy red monokini that revealed her perfectly proportionate figure.

Sharon is especially satisfied with how she looks in the monokini, “It’s really sexy and I’m sure the outcome would be great. Most importantly [this outfit] shows a different side of me.”

This is the third year that Sharon is endorsing Hong Kong spa and slimming center, About Beauty. The new ad also includes shots of Sharon wearing a pink bra top and bikini-cut shorts, flaunting her abs and 43-inch legs.

Sharon also wore a short back dress, which covered her front but revealed the sides of her waist. Proud of the photoshoot, Sharon snapped some of the photos with her phone to send them to family and friends.

Sharon admitted that she did not tell her husband how revealing the outfits were beforehand, but was happy to know that William remained supportive.

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