You'll be offended by the crazy thing Dee Hsu did to A-Mei on stage

23 April 2014 / 2 years 6 months ago

A-Mei, Sandy Lam, Na Ying and Tanya Chua held a charity concert, Project WAO at the Taipei Arena on Sunday night. The concert was to raise funds to help young girls who have suffered from abuse.

According to a report on Oriental Daily via Asian Pop News, other guest performers included Jolin Tsai, Dee Hsu, Lin Chi-ling, Faith Young and Matilda Tao.

The highlight of the concert was when Dee who poked fun of A-Mei’s revealed cleavage. Dee, who is known for her humour and candidness, said:

“I never thought that the female singers have put in so much efforts in their dressing. I initially thought that there was nothing to see for A-Mei, but what is it on her chest? I feel like finding a pair of scissors to cut my shirt now!”

Teasing Dee about her husband, Mike Hsu and father-in-law’s recent scandal in Top Pot bakery case, A-Mei replied, “Thank you Dee. I think she seldom leaves her house nowadays.”

Dee, who pretended to sob, humourously replied, “Yes, I seldom leave my house now. When I heard the invitation, I agreed right away as I have been very free lately. One day, I picked up my daughter from school and asked her what she wanted to eat. When she responded red beans bread, I felt like crying after hearing the word bread.”

During the duet, Dee suddenly groped A-Mei on her chests and buried her head into her cleavage. A-Mei was so shocked and chided her, “Are you crazy?”

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