You'll be grossed out by what Bobo Wong did when BF was drunk

12 April 2014 / 2 years 6 months ago

Johnson Lee's (李思捷) ex-girlfriend, Bobo Wong (王宝宝) revealed that she could not accept a boyfriend who smoked and drunk beer.

According to an Asian E-news Portal report, Bobo said, "I do not smoke as smoking is bad for health and I dislike the smell too. Thus most likely, my boyfriend will not smoke in front of me."

She also disclosed that she had to take care of her boyfriend whenever he was drunk several times and said, "I cannot accept the fact that I still need to clean his urine and dreamwalking.

Asked if she told him about it, Bobo said, "Yes but still, he could remember if he really did that and I felt helpless. I did ask him if he considered seeing a doctor as he may have some psychological problems or a high level of stress. Otherwise, he would not have committed such acts."

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