What these Korean idols do to maintain their sexy and slim figures

15 April 2015 / 1 year 6 months ago

Keeping a very slim figure is highly expected of idols and celebrities, especially in the Korean music industry.

There is much pressure on them to uphold an image of being slim and sexy, therefore careful diet planning and fitness is a normal part of idols lives.

However some idols underwent extreme diets that forced them to very minimal amounts of food per day, reports Koreaboo

These 7 diets idols attempted are not likely to be recommended by dieticians, and may have left them thinner, but could have taken a toll on their health as well.

Browse through the gallery to see what these K-idols did to achieve their 'perfect' body. 
Korean idols share the excruciating methods they tried to shed off the excess weight.    

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