You won't believe what Tara Reid said about whale sharks

11 August 2013 / 3 years 2 months ago

Tara Reid's quip about whale sharks being a cross between whales and sharks has earned her an embarrassing  reputation.

One of the biggest surprise hits of the year has been a low-budget made-for-TV movie called Sharknado, which comes with an absolutely unbelievable plot.

According to a report on The New Paper, the movie trended on Twitter for three days when it premiered on cable channel Syfy in the US last month.

However, if there’s one thing threatening to steal Sharknado’s thunder, it’s Tara Reid, the 37-year-old US actress best known for playing blonde bombshell Vicky in the 1999 raunchy teen comedy American Pie and its sequels.

Earlier this week, a clip of her explaining what sounded like misinformed research into whale sharks on a US TV show went viral. “So I look up sharks on the Internet and I see whale sharks so I’m like, that must mean that a whale and a shark have sex, and then it made me think how do a whale and a shark have sex?” she’s shown saying in the clip.

She clarified that statement later in the show and again in a phone interview with The New Paper.“I know a whale is a mammal and a shark is an animal and they can’t have sex.”

But she was a little upset that she’d been made to look like a bimbo. “I think people tend to do that a lot with me, try to make me sound stupid, try to make me look like something that I’m not,” said Reid, who’s made a career out of red carpet gaffes and tabloid tales.

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