You won't believe what Sonia Sui did with new BF -- just after 4 months

17 January 2015 / 1 year 9 months ago

Sonia and her boyfriend Tony Chia were said to have registered for marriage at the Clark County, Nevada on 10 January 2015, during their vacation there.

Taiwanese singer Lai Pei-Hsia, who introduced her stepson, Tony to Sonia confirmed the wedding news.

Lai said, “That’s right! They are very sincere in this relationship and are very happy.”

In October, Sonia admitted that she was in a new relationship after being seen on a date with Tony, reports DRAMANEWSNETWORK via Apple Daily. 

She has also been open about sharing her vacation photos with her boyfriend on her micro-blogs.

Being in a new relationship for only 4 months, speculations arise if Sonia is pregnant due to her sudden wedding.

Sonia’s manager has since dismissed the speculations and emphasised that Sonia is not pregnant.

Sonia’s ex-boyfriend, Yao Yuan Hao who reportedly broke up with Sonia for Cyndi Wang, sent his blessings to her.

He said, “I wish her the best!” Cyndi, who is currently dating Yuan Hao also sent her well-wishes to Sonia.

She said, “I wish the best to all the lovers in the world.”

Many netizens also sent their blessings to Sonia, with one said, “Your speed is too fast!”

One netizen remarked, “Being dumped is not a bad thing after all.”

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