You won't believe what a babe this 'grandma' turned into after plastic surgery

21 June 2014 / 2 years 4 months ago

Here, we’re looking at Sonyong Moon, a 29-year-old South Korean woman who underwent an amazing transformation on a South Korean documentary/reality show called “Let Me In”.

Starting from her early teens, other kids apparently called poor Moon “Old Lady Face,” which has got to give a girl some serious image issues.

According to Rocketnews24, the teasing supposedly continued into her twenties, when people started calling her, “The 20-something Grandma.”

Moon was apparently considered so ugly that her employers even pressured her to quit her job because she was considered an eyesore around the office.

When she revealed her dramatic transformation, the Korean public was utterly (and pleasantly) shocked.

Due to her history of being discriminated against, Korean television viewers were so moved that Moon’s name became the top Internet search term in Korea.

Moon’s total surgical fees ran around US$100,00 and included a nose job, dental repairs, botox and such.

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