You won't believe how much money Cecilia Cheung reportedly gave her brother

22 June 2015 / 1 year 4 months ago

Cecilia Cheung’s relationship with younger brother, Cheung Pak Man, reportedly grew sour after he lied to her about price differences while purchasing a car.

Since then, she allegedly cut off Pak Man’s financial source and refused to provide him additional money.

A few months ago, Cecilia has forgiven Pak Man and is now sponsoring him in a new taxi business, reports Jayne Stars

When Cecilia cut off Pak Man’s financial source, he allegedly did not even have enough money to pay for his rent.

As a result, his landlord chased him down and eventually brought matters to the court, demanding the rental amount of $100,000 HKD to be paid.

A few months ago, Pak Man’s financial troubles seem to have disappeared.

He started to constantly show off his new luxurious van through social media.

According to tabloids, Cecilia already forgave her brother for his past behavior and even sponsored over $700,000 HKD to help him purchase a luxurious van.

Through a smartphone application, Pak Man reportedly signed under a company that hires private drivers and has joined the taxi service industry.

To promote his new business, Pak Man posted photos of himself sitting in his new van on Weibo and Instagram.

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