You won't believe how much a fan offered Jacquelin Chong to spend the night with her

27 May 2015 / 1 year 5 months ago

Model-actress Jacquelin Chong was recently received a suggestive email from a fan whas willing to splurge over $17, 000 (100, 000 HKD) for a night with the star.

Chong was visibly upset with the email and took a screenshot of the email and posted it on Instagram, reports Asian Pop News

The email reads:

"Hi Jacquelin, I am a big fan of you. I like to watch your acting and I watched all your movies and drama. I am wondering are you open to spend a night with me?

"I am able to offer $100, 000 HKD. Let me know. Thank you."

Chong said, "what does this offer supposed to mean?"

Many netizens have blasted the person who sent the email as disrespectful.

One even asked him to donate the money instead.

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