You won't believe how many hours Kim Min Jung hikes a day to keep fit and keep eating

20 July 2014 / 2 years 3 months ago

Kim Min Jung talked about how she maintained her figure -- and you won't believe just how hard she works.

She was a guest on the 20th's episode of SBS' 'Did You Eat?', reports allkpop.

On the show, she and the MCs of the show tried eels as a health food.

MC Lee Young Ja said, "You eat so well. It looks like you don't diet at all. But how are you so thin?"

She answered, "When I don't have work, I hike for 8.5 hours a day."

She kept eating even as she confessed that.

On the food, she said, "This food gives me the same electrical feeling as brushing hands with a man I really like."

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