You might not recognise S'pore blogger Bong Qiu Qiu when you see her now -- but here's the reason why

31 March 2015 / 1 year 6 months ago

Singapore blogger Bong Qiu Qiu looks far from her usual glamourous self these days -- but it's something she's not afraid to admit.

The new mother, who reportedly put on 34kg during her pregnancy, recounts her 'crazily emotional' three weeks so far as a mother to baby girl, Meredith.

She says it has been "so crazy (that she) even looks crazy."

In a recent blog post, she divulged about having breastfeeding problems initially which left her "crying in desperation and feeling depressed."

Fortunately for her, after seeking professional help, she is -- in her own words -- doing a lot better.

The blogger made headlines previously for getting plastic surgery done on her face for free.

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