You might be surprised at what the curvy Ada Liu is like in real life

13 September 2014 / 2 years 1 month ago

Tan Kee Yun,
The New Paper,
Saturday, Aug 30, 2014

Her 34E bosom and her penchant for flaunting them thrust her into the limelight in China and eventually the world.

But Chinese actress-host Ada Liu insists she is a plain Jane in real life.

The 33-year-old told The New Paper in an exclusive e-mail interview: “I am thankful when people call me a sex goddess and it is a label I embrace — I will not resist it.

“But in real life, honestly, I am far from sexy. I don’t wear loud, flamboyant outfits, neither do I put on thick make-up. Most of the time, I appear so ordinary that nobody can recognise me on the street.”

Lest you think she is fibbing, there are pictures to back up her claim.

Just like how homegrown Mandopop queen Stefanie Sun made headlines by appearing at a McDonald’s outlet dressed in T-shirt, denim shorts and slippers earlier this month, Chinese paparazzi had a field day catching Liu at her dowdiest.

In 2012, she was photographed at an airport with no make-up and false eyelashes while sporting girlish bangs and nerdy black-rimmed spectacles. Plus, she was wearing a huge jacket which hid her figure.

One Chinese media outlet even called those pictures “Ada Liu’s Make-up-less Horror”.

Liu, who plays seductive murderous villain Ru Yan (below) in new martial arts epic The Four 3, now showing in local theatres, disagreed with the adage “clothes make the man”.

“You don’t exude sexiness simply by putting on a certain type of attire,” she told TNP. "To be sexy, you have to genuinely feel confident from the inside.”

So confident is Liu that she does not shy away from talking about her chest, a taboo topic for many celebrities. Indeed, when asked if she has any tips for our female readers on maintaining one’s curves, she gamely shared her personal experiences.

“I have done aerobic exercises that help to firm up my breasts, but I didn’t persist with them for long,” she said. “I have also tried machine treatments at beauty parlours. I stopped after I heard that the treatments might lead to hormonal imbalance.

“The best tip I can give to ladies is to wear foundation garment (underwear accentuating the body’s curves) as they give you (albeit temporarily) the coveted figure you desire.”

Following her portrayal of Ru Yan in The Four 3, there is a good chance local audiences might remember her as the perfect onscreen villain before to this movie, she played a boyfriend-stealing sister in action comedy Badges Of Fury, shown here last year.

Liu brushed away any talk of typecasting.

“I am not being pigeonholed,” she said.

“Over these few years, I have taken on different roles, not just baddies. For example, in 2012, I played a simple-minded, happy-go-lucky girl in the Chinese TV series, My Mother-In-Law’s Blissful Life. I am always up for a new challenge. I hope to do a Stephen Chow comedy some day.”

Work aside, a part of the sassy bachelorette wants to settle down and enjoy the sweetness of romance.

While she declined to address recent rumours about her dating 24-year-old Korean boyband 2PM member Chansung, Liu stressed that nationality and age do not matter when it comes to finding Mr Right.

“There are no boundaries in love. What is most important is that he has to be filial and have an upright character,” she maintained. "I really look forward to entering a relationship as I have reached marriageable age.”

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