YoonA's high school photos show her unchanging beauty

1 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

Girls’ Generation’s Yoona proves her unchanging beauty. Local news agencies picked up on a series of her pictures that are recently circulating the Internet community boards, reported Soompi.In the photos, Yoona is captured during her high school days and wearing her school uniform. Though simple, without make up and wearing her hair in a casual ponytail, the idol radiates flawless beauty and attracts the attention amid her friends and other school mates. Fans note her blemish-free skin and red lips, as well as her candid expressions. Netizens who have seen the pictures commented with “Yoona has grown from them but she still looks the same,‘ “I think it would be a happy time for Yoona, too,‘ “Yoona was very slim,‘ and other such reactions.

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