YoonA laughed at after saying she's the prettiest girl in SM Entertainment

2 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA recently showed great confidence toward her looks.

On November 30, YoonA was a guest for KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Relay.” During her interview, the reporter asked, “Out of the three beauties of SM, Go Ara, Lee Yeon Hee and YoonA (yourself), who do you think is the prettiest?”

According to a Soompi report, YoonA first apologized and said, “I’m sorry,” before moving on to her answer, “YoonA” with a laugh, which in turn drew laughter from everyone else.

The reporter also asked, “You were picked as the number one female celebrity that makes people think of their first love in a poll. You were also picked as the number one idol visual by plastic surgeons. Which poll results do you like better?”

“I like the idol visual poll. I think I am in the higher ranks for female idol visuals,” she laughed as she answered.

Then the reporter continued, “Even in the higher ranks, there is a low, middle, and high division. Which do you think you are?”

Then YoonA answered, “Even people who thought I was in the middle when they saw on me TV, tell me that I am in the high rank when they see me in real life.”

YoonA also spoke about her Christmas plans this year, which was to diligently film her upcoming drama and comforted herself by saying, “It’s better than staying home alone, isn’t it?”

She also spoke about the kind of date she wants to go on with a guy as well as what kind of marriage she would like to have in the future.

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