YoonA gets pranked by Girls' Generation on ‘˜Shinhwa Broadcast’

10 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

Girls’ Generation‘˜s YoonA got pranked for the upcoming episode of JTBC‘˜s ‘˜Shinhwa Broadcast‘˜.In order to fool YoonA, who’s known to be incredibly quick, all the Girls’ Generation members had to join in on the hidden camera prank.During the opening of the show, YoonA stated that she was a big fan of ‘˜Shinhwa Broadcast’. However, the hidden camera started, and Shinhwa voted her as the Girls’ Generation member with the most disappointing face-to-face visuals. Later on, she was also the last to get picked for the partner match up with the Shinhwa members.Though YoonA was able to bear through it all and act tough, when she found out that it had all been a hidden camera prank, she teared up.A PD from the show commented, “The Girls’ Generation members all said that YoonA is very quick, and she’s usually the first to ask if something’s a hidden camera prank. Everyone was nervous, but the rest of the Girls’ Generation members and Shinhwa were so good, they pulled off the first hidden camera on YoonA.‘

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