Yoga Lin blasted as liar after being caught on date -- 7 nights in a row

25 April 2014 / 2 years 6 months ago

Kiki Ting was widely rumoured as the third party in the relationship of Yoga Lin and G.E.M. Tang, reports Asian Pop News.

Although Yoga had earlier denied the rumour and stressed that he and Kiki were merely friends.

But the pair were caught on dates for seven consecutive nights recently.

From 14th April, Yoga and Kiki were seen together in cafe, jogging in the evening and even hooking arms like lovers.

The duo reportedly ended the day by returning to Yoga’s apartment and are speculated to be living together.

After these allegations were out, netizens blasted Yoga on his Weibo and called him a liar, report Apple Daily and Ettoday.

Yoga responded on his Facebook that Kiki was not the third party, but did not deny their relationship.

“The reason why the last relationship ended was due to the problems between two parties. There was no third party, and Kiki was definitely not one.

"I have always valued relationship. In any relationship, I am a responsible person, be it before or now,” wrote Yoga.

Facing the backlash from the public, Kiki also responded on her Facebook, “I do not know what to respond or what to account. I did not let anyone down, and have never let myself down too.”

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