Yoga Lin blasted by angry fans over relationship with G.E.M. Tang

24 February 2014 / 2 years 8 months ago

G.E.M. Tang recently posted a complaint on her Weibo account, clearly directed at her partner, Yoga Lin.

She wrote: "When you see someone making the same mistake over and over again, will you accept the person over and over again? Persistently tolerating and forgiving? As to what will happen in future, I can never predict what's the best decision that I won't regret. I don't know, but at my age of 22 I can't do it yet."

Many fans also noticed that Yoga had unfollowed G.E.M. on her Weibo account recently. In response to her post, G.E.M.'s fans started attacking Yoga online, leaving unpleasant remarks on his Weibo account.

Later, when asked to comment on her post, she said," I wrote it when my emotions were pouring. I have said what I wanted to say and won't say any more."

Asked if she was aware that her fans had begun attacking Yoga, she had responded with disinterest, stating that what they did was none of her business.

In response, Yoga posted on his Weibo:"You and I turn out to have different developments and directions that are suitable for us. Then go ahead and fulfill yourself. Live life to the fullest everyone!"

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