Yoga babe's first pitch at baseball game sends hearts fluttering

10 July 2014 / 2 years 3 months ago


A beautiful yoga coach's alluring yoga routine at the opening of a Taiwanese baseball game on July 6 has left both players and fans flustered.

The 3-minute-long video posted on Youtube starts with Fang Yan greeting the audience at the bustling stadium, reported AsiaOne.

According to a report on Shanghaiist, the attractive lady, dressed provocatively in the Lamigo Monkey team's colours with a short skirt, had been invited to do the first pitch at the baseball game.

Her appearance at the baseball field brought big grins to the baseball players' faces. One baseball player even covered his teammate's eyes in jest.

Fang Yan proceeded to perform a short yoga routine on a mat placed atop the pitcher's mound, before picking up the baseball lying on the ground, and throwing it towards the catcher's box.

After the first pitch, she leaped into the arms of the catcher who later dipped her backwards for a backbend as the last display of her yoga moves.

The jubilant lady then ran along the player's rest area where she shook hands and did high-fives with the rest of the baseball team before making her exit.

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