Yikes! Pamela Anderson's wardrobe malfunction makes her driver 'blush'

9 October 2014 / 2 years 2 weeks ago

Pamela Anderson was spotted leaving her hotel in a silk nightie-style dress recently.

She did not appear to have a bra on, leaving her nipples visible through the thin material of her slinky outfit. The slip dress was also so short that it exposed her lacy lingerie shorts underneath. However, those weren't not the mortifying parts.

The blonde beauty was photographed struggling to cover herself up after her loose night dress fell loosely down to the middle.

It was certainly not one of the Canadian star's finest moments, as seen in these photos from Acidcow. One even showed her driver doing a 'facepalm', leading to jokes about it being related to the actress' wardrobe malfunction.

The gallery also shows other celebrity wardrobe malfunctions.

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