Yikes! Is that an actual ghostly face captured on camera during Japanese show?

19 August 2014 / 2 years 2 months ago

Unfortunate coincidence, publicity stunt or just a trick on the eyes? No one knows for sure, but this particular drama scene has sparked much debate online.

A video of this scene from a Japanese television programme -- Honto ni atta kowai hanashi (meaning 'scary stories that totally actually happened') -- has been circulating online.

The show is apparently a dramatisation of real-life horror stories.

This particular episode was broadcast on Aug 16, and had a segment called Yami e no shikaku (meaning 'seeing into the dark'), about a woman with an 'eye' for the supernatural.

In the scene that was uploaded online, a woman asks her co-worker, “Hey, have you ever felt that there’s, like, someone right beside you?”

In response, her co-worker says, “Not really. You’re being a bit weird, you know.”

It is at this very moment that a ghostly-looking face appeared in a mirror behind the women.

Many netizens said it was a publicity stunt and included in the show on purpose, while some argued that it was just a crew member's reflection.

One thing they can agree on, however, is how frightened they had been by the scene as nobody saw it coming.

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