Yi Si Yoon says he was not looking down Park Shin Hye's dress

20 December 2012 / 3 years 10 months ago

Source: AllKpopActor Yoon Si Yoon was hilariously accused of being a creep on the set of ‘˜Strong Heart‘˜ as a photo was brought out on set to evidence these claims.On the December 18th episode of SBS‘˜ ‘˜Strong Heart‘˜, Boom and Kim Ji Hoon claimed, “Yoon Si Yoon is a pervert,‘ and unveiled a photo that captured Yoon Si Yoon seemingly looking down his ’Flower Boy Next Door‘˜ co-star Park Shin Hye‘˜s dress!Boom continued, “Yoon Si Yoon normally reads a lot of books and is known to have an intellectual image but Yoon Si Yoon is no doubt a man,‘ drawing laughter as the actor became flustered with the set labeling him as having “bad manner eyes‘.Yoon Si Yoon explained himself, as he revealed, “These are not ‘˜bad eyes’. Park Shin Hye’s dress ripped and she was stepping on it with her shoes so I was captured looking at her feet. Park Shin Hye will clearly clarify the situation.‘The actress then helped patch back together Yoon Si Yoon’s image once again as she came to his defense: “Yoon Si Yoon is right. The bottom of my dress ripped and got stuck on my shoes, and the photo shows Yoon Si Yoon staring at my feet,‘ dissolving any misunderstandings that people may have had from just seeing the photo alone.View the gallery below for pictures of men who were caught staring.

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