Yet another TVB queen not renewing contract? Here's what Linda Chung has to say

12 November 2014 / 1 year 11 months ago

Source: Asian E-News Portal

Linda Chung attended an opening ceremony of a fashion boutique and denied about the rejection of renewal with TVB in order to vie for TV Queen.

She replied that the contract will be due after several years and hopes to have a breakthrough.

When asked about reports not renewing contract with TVB in order to make them to give in, Linda said:

"I have no motives like that and I work with a simple mind. I have stayed in the company for 10 years and feel very happy as it has enriched and improved my knowledge.

"Hope my career will rise to another level.

"(Get married after becoming TV Queen?) Nope and I leave to fate. Getting married and having babies depend on timing. Lots of preparations before having a baby.

"(Reach consensus with your boyfriend?) Yes.

"(Get married in order to have baby?) Nope. I am a traditional woman and will date then get married and have baby."

When asked if the recent pressure caused her to have pimples on her face, Linda said: "I am learning 'Qi Kong 氣功' now and trying to detox."

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