'Yes' underwear sales up 600% thanks to SECRET’s Hyosung

11 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

It's amazing what a celebrity endorsement can do for your sales -- just ask the bean counters at underwear brand 'Yes'.SECRET‘˜s Hyosung eye-catching pictorials for underwear brand ‘˜Yes‘˜ have won over a great number of fans, judging by the company's record-breaking sales.'Yes’ stated, “After Hyosung became our model starting this January, the sales for the month of February skyrocketed 40-50% higher compared to the same month last year." "The products shown through the pictorials also sold six times more than other products and it seems like ‘˜best seller’ Hyosung will continue to contribute to the sales growth in underwear.‘A ‘˜Yes’ marketing representative revealed, “After Hyosung became a model, ‘˜Yes’ lovely and trendy image became upgraded and we noticed it easily became a hit in sales. While working with Hyosung to present the lovely ‘˜Yes’ products all season round, we will present the underwear styles preferred by women in their 20s.‘

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