Yes or no? Donnie Yen can't decide if he wants to be Monkey King again

17 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

As much as Donnie Yen considers the Monkey King his most memorable role, he is uncertain if he wants to reprise it in a sequel.

His answers so far have been evasive: "I not necessarily would or wouldn't, it's too early to think about this since it hasn't come together yet. I will worry about it then, it's all about fate.

Leaving it all to chance, he says, "Let's see if the timing and the opportunity are right then."

Donnie says that Sun Wukong is the character that he found most difficult to overcome in his film career.

"It truly is physically and mentally draining, everyone knows how much pressure there is," he said  

"Playing this monkey alone is already hard, but then theres the special effects makeup, the process, the enormous amount of investment, the expectation of the boss and the audience make it even harder," he added

Donnie also shared that now that the reception of the movie was good after its release, he could breathe a sigh of relief.

He says that actors have to put themselves into their characters because he feels people have a variety of personalities, like their energetic, quiet, happy, sentimental and wild sides.

When he plays a character, he has to "ignite" that part to suit the film character.

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