Yes, I am fat, thanks to yummy M'sian food: Vince Chong

8 January 2013 / 3 years 9 months ago

Source: Red Carpet MediaNo more denials. Malaysia’s first reality TV star Vince Chong, who’s fighting the bulges, is determined to win his battle.“Yes, I’m fat,‘ he declares. “And whenever people tell me that I’m fat, I say ‘˜OK. Thank you’.‘It certainly doesn’t help when people keep comparing him to his two drop-dead-gorgeous Chong sisters ‘“ Pamela and Vanessa.The crooner attributes his significant weight gain to his passion for Malaysian food ‘“ especially the lethal combo of nasi lemak and teh tarik.“It’s hard for me to slim down ‘˜coz our Malaysian food is yummy,‘ he says. “But for the past two months, I’ve cut off teh tarik completely. I’ve also been working out in the gym.‘As much as he misses singing for his fans, the Akademi Fantasia (AF) star ‘“ who has been flying under the radar due to his weight issues, admits to losing his self-confidence because of his expanding waistline.“I appreciate the media for wanting to interview me,‘ he tells the Red Carpet. “I’ve been busy professionally eating and acting in stage plays.‘Well, size don’t really matter, we say.“(But) A lot of people say I look fat on TV. So I’m not confident about performing on stage at the moment. Our music industry today is not just about selling your music. Image is equally important. So professionally, I want to be back in shape and be confident again. I hope to stage a comeback next year ‘“ with all abs.‘Staging a comeback aside, the 33-year-old also hopes to be a role model for good weight management.“It’s not just about image. It’s about self-confidence, stamina and health,‘ he opines.

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