Yay or nay? Here's how old these 25 Asian celebrities look -- according to new app

6 May 2015 / 1 year 5 months ago

By Sabrina Tiong,
Her World Plus,
May 4, 2015

We’re getting on the whole age-guessing application craze. From Zoe Tay to Girls’ Generation, find out how old Microsoft’s “accurate” app thinks they are – the results are pretty hilarious for some.

Move over, My Idol, a new app has taken over the world -- Microsoft’s How Old Am I was all the rage over the Labour Day weekend.

Here’s how it works: Upload a photo of yourself, your grandma – anyone, and the “clever” app will try to guess the age of whoever and sometimes, whatever’s in the photo.

Sounds like any other boring age-guessing app at first, until you realise how mindblowingly accurate it is.

Case in point: Morgan Freeman is 735-years-old -- see how legit this is? Of course, no good app goes without a proper test drive.

We got the app to guess the ages of 25 celebrities, both local and regional, and the results are well, flattering for most, except for some unfortunate ones (the age gap’s pretty unbelievable).

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