Yang Mi's pregnant, and I'm sorry I had to keep it a secret: Hawick Lau

21 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

In an announcement that was expected soon if not already made, Hawick Lau and Yang Mi finally let known that they were expecting their first child together.

Although they registered their marriage only in November last year, their hastily-arranged wedding ceremony in January led to speculation that the rush was due to Yang Mi being pregnant.

Even at the ceremony in the Indonesian island of Bali, the couple did not directly respond to questions about a baby though Yang was spotted with a rounded figure and said that she was ready to become a mother anytime.

It was only after Yang had passed the first trimester of her pregnancy when the newly-minted Laus made the big announcement, which prompted Hawick to apologise for keeping everyone waiting, reported On.cc via Jaynestars.

Hawick wrote on Weibo: “Finally we’ve passed the days in which we had to keep a secret in midst of excitement and happiness.

"Everyone, Yang Mi and I now have a baby! In order to keep our baby healthy and safe, we have complied with tradition like our elders that it must be at least three months before we can make the news public.

"We apologize for being unable to respond truthfully to everyone’s concerns in the past, but we hope you all understand.

"Would also like to thank everyone’s patience in waiting for us to announce the news ourselves.”

Hawick also revealed that their child is due this July, as Yang added: "This is very happy news. I would also like to thank my friends and everyone for their care and understanding. Thank you, I’m very grateful.”

The couple’s announcement on Weibo also resulted in more than 100,000 fans conveying their congratulations to them.

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