Xiaxue gets Protection Order against SMRT Ltd (Feedback)

6 February 2015 / 1 year 8 months ago

Singapore blogger Xiaxue has applied for and successfully gotten a Protection Order against satire Facebook page SMRT Ltd (Feedback).

According to a post on her blog today (Feb 6), she writes that she did so because she has been harrassed by the anonymous entity since 2012.

The blogger says that they had "disparaged my character and work integrity", "accused me of fraud", "defamed my online business", "attacked my advertisers", "harrassed my familiy" and called her a "stripped" and "slut" among many more -- attaching screenshots of their Facebook posts to support her claim.

She blogged:

"A few days after writing my previous entry and giving up on fighting with SMRT, I was alerted to the new Harassment Act.

"Although I did know of the act, it never occurred to me that I can use it. The act only came into effect on 15 November 2014. It is very new.

"There is something different about this Act. Unlike any other Act in the past, it CAN be served on the anonymous via emails or social media messaging.

"And so, a few weeks ago, I engaged a law firm to seek a Protection Order against SMRT from the Harassment Act. This isn't a sponsorship, I paid for their services.

"1) You file an Originating Summons, which is your request for what you want in your Protection Order, and also an affidavit, which is like your statement and evidence for what happened.

"2) A court date will be set some time later for a hearing before a judge who will decide if he/she wants to grant you the Protection Order.

"3) In between, the other party will have time to find their own lawyers and file their own affidavit to counter why they feel the Order shouldn't be granted, if they are so inclined. (But to do so SMRT will have to file it with an identity, which will compromise on their anonymity, so they didn't.)"

She then sent them private Facebook messages informing them of it.

Yesteryday, Feb 5, was the date of the hearing and SMRT Ltd (Feedback) did not turn up, preserving their anonymous identity.

According to Xiaxue, as far as she knows, this is the "first successful Protection Order taken up against an anonymous entity".

This means that: "If they violate the court order, it is considered contempt of court, which is a CRIMINAL OFFENSE. If convicted, they may be punishable with a fine or IMPRISONMENT."

Read Xiaxue's full blog post here

SMRT Ltd (Feedback) has also posted a Facebook status stating that they have been ordered to issue an apology by tomorrow (Feb 7) and to reveal their identities.

Read more about the war between SMRT Ltd (Feedback) and Xiaxue here.

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