Satire FB page SMRT Ltd (Feedback) mocks Xiaxue and Gushcloud saga

24 December 2014 / 1 year 10 months ago

Update at 1.20pm:

Satire Facebook page SMRT Ltd (Feedback) has mocked Xiaxue and the whole Gushcloud saga, much to the amusement of netizens.

In one status update, they wrote: "We want to be a blogger. We are gonna not gonna post anything else but unknown, uncertified beauty products as well as shitty baby clothing."

This presumably refers to bloggers who post paid advertorials on their websites for beauty brands, including Xiaxue's many entries about baby products.

They also wrote in another Facebook post, "Since bloggers get more money through beauty products, here's our first beauty advertisement:

"GET YOURSELF SOME PRICKLY HEAT. It's cool, fragrant, and lets you rock out. Buy it now at the nearest mama shop. Quote 'SMRTFEEDBACK' for 3.7% discount."

The Facebook page also called Xiaxue out for being a bad role model to her son.

In addition, SMRT LTD (Feedback) said on Twitter: "How is it that idiots like @Xiaxue can go on a tirade about Gushcloud when she herself buys FB likes and inflate her reach?"

The blogger then responded: "To the f***er who said I bought FB likes, you better have proof. Which you won't find because I never did."

Original article:

Yesterday (Dec 23), Singapore blogger Wendy Cheng, better known as Xiaxue, unveiled a huge shocker -- a scathing post "exposing" blogger advertising network Gushcloud for its allegedly dishonest methods.

In the post, Xiaxue says she spent a year gathering evidence, and created a fake company (SG Private Trainers, complete with a fake website) to buy ads and expose their supposedly unhanded means. Here are some of her accusations of Gushcloud:

1. Gushcloud was accused of inflating its earning and telling The Straits Times in 2012 that it's monthly revenue was S$170,000, up from S$25,000 in February that same year.

However, Xiaxue found out that that company’s annual revenue was more like S$396,005, or a monthly average of S$33,000 through public records.

2. Xiaxue accused Gushcloud and its bloggers of inflating their earnings and their bloggers’ influence (in terms of website page views).

3. Xiaxue accused them of being unethical by asking bloggers to hide their sponsored ads as regular posts.

4. Xiaxue suggested that the company might have bought Youtube views.

5. Xiaxue claimed that Gushcloud still owes their bloggers and third party vendors money.

Gushcloud has responded to her post on their Instagram, citing that they are taking legal advice against the allegations. Here is their response:

"Ms Cheng's allegations are inaccurate. We think that the Blog Post was calculated to disparage and injure our reputation. The timing of the release of the Blog Post also speaks for itself. We are currently taking legal advice and reserve all our rights against Ms Cheng in relation to the Blog Post."

You can read Xiaxue's full blog post here.

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