Xiaxue has a plan on how to win the battle against 'anonymous'

7 January 2015 / 1 year 9 months ago

The blogosphere has been enraptured by the Xiaxue-Gushcloud-SMRT Ltd (Feeback) saga in recent weeks, but it looks like local blogger Xiaxue has had enough.

In a blog posting dated 6 January, 2015, she wrote that the accusations spewed against her by facebook group SMRT Ltd (Feedback) are aimed at destroying her "whether or not truth is compromised".

She illustrates this with an example of how the group posted that TyreQueen has dropped her as an ambassador.

She said rumours of this are not true -- but the group proceeded to post it up on their page anyway.

The blogger said the only way to "win this" is to be happy.

She wrote:

"I cannot please everyone. In fact, the more successful/popular you are, the more people will dislike you because they do not feel you are deserving of the success.

"As I said before - money doesn't motivate me. Vengeance does. Proving my haters wrong.

"So thank you, haters. Thank you for all the extra publicity you have given me... My blog hits are so high right now and I love it and so does my clients."

You can read Xiaxue's full blog post here.

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