Wu Chun's daughter makes her first public appearance in Taiwan

8 May 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

Fahrenheit members Wu Chun, Jiro Wang and Calvin Chen attended an opening ceremony of their good friend’s hair salon. When asked on Aaron Yan’s absence, they explained that it was not appropriate for him to attend as he co-owned another salon.

Wu Chun also brought her daughter, Nei Nei along to Taiwan this time. Although this is the first time Nei Nei made her public appearance in Taiwan, Wu Chun shared that Jiro and Calvin had already met her.

After being featured in the Chinese reality programme, Dad is back <爸爸回来了>, Wu Chun has been criticised for over spoiling Nei Nei. In the programme, Wu Chun picked Nei Nei up from school and brought her stroller so that she would not have to walk on the slippery floor.

Already three-years-old, Nei Nei was allowed by Wu Chun to wear her diapers the whole day, reports Apple Daily via Asian Pop News.

Wu Chun denied spoiling his daughter and said, “Yes, I dote on her very much, but there is a limit. I was worried that the toilet would be dirty, so I let her wear her diapers. However, she wears her diapers for only one to two hours and not the entire day.

"As to why I brought the stroller along that day was because it was raining. The floor would be too wet and slippery if I let her walk by herself.”

Wu Chun also disclosed that during the recording, Calvin was around and was interested to see how he bathed his daughter. Calvin said, “In the end, his daughter suddenly said to me, pervert!”

Wu Chun also shared that Calvin sent him a text message, saying that he liked his daughter. With that, Calvin immediately defended himself, “I like little girls. I will definitely want to have a girl in future.”

Wu Chun teased him back, “I will consider you [as my son-in-law] if you still remain single after 18 years!"

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