Wu Chun accused of using news about wife's pregnancy to promote new book

11 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

Wu Chun shocked his fans recently when he revealed he has actually been married to his childhood love Lin Li Ying since 2009.

According to Hunantv.com via Jayne Stars, the happy couple have a three-year-old daughter called Nei Nei who was born in 2010.

The next day, he announced that his wife was expecting their second child, and became a father once again on October 11.

Although some accused him of using the news to promote his new book, the majority of fans remained supportive and happy for their idol.

Wu Chun admits to spending much time planning his children’s lives, even thinking about their possible college majors.

At the same time, Wu Chun also wants them to have fun, and would consider bringing his daughter onto popular Chinese reality show Dad, Where Are We Going?

The show features five celebrity fathers and their children who are sent to rural and remote areas to take part in survival challenges.

He has not seen the show, but Wu Chun would consider taking part with Nei Nei if he finds its themes appropriate.

He prefers to use the show only as an opportunity to spend play time with his daughter.

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